Aleli Condol


The ever-smiling Aleli used to be a good pitcher when we played baseball before and after school hours. She used to hang around with Joselita Adinig, Luz Mangonon, Celeste Dizon, Sheila Flores and Marita Galano.  (Top photo – Aleli with his kid Joshua)


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  1. HEY PONS,


  2. I used to know one “Aleli Condol” from Olongapo who went to NCBA Manila. We were classmates then. Kamukhang kamukha pa nya sa class picture namin, still very pretty and only gained some weight understandably kasi that was more than 27 years ago!

    If that’s really her, i just want to say hello and i hope she can still remember me and maybe i can correspond with her some time in the future. BENSON ( if it ring a bell )

    Thanks for posting her pics. Brings back old memories for me.

  3. By the way, can u pls tell me when and where these pictures were taken? Looks like from abroad. Tnx again.

  4. I am respectfully requesting anybody who is currently in touch with her to please assist me in connecting with her. Im an old acquaintance from college and hopefully she would have some recollection of me. Id like to have this once in alifetime experience of meeting someone from the distant past as i have with another friend of mine recently. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for ur response. Nasa US pala siya and perhaps it’s not such a good idea to bother her anymore as i am here in Manila. I was just wondering whatever happened to her and now that i know, i think it’s ok even if i dont ever get in touch with her. Anyway, please paki kumusta na lang ako if ever u see or talk to her and i wouldn’t mind if she drop me a line or two if she remember me still. Long shot i know. Anyway, thanks again.

  6. Dear Aleli,

    I hope that one day u wud stumble upon his blog and read this. You may choose to ignore this ‘coz maybe u won’t remember me, but i tell u that i remeber u like it was only yesterday after i saw ur pics here.

    Actually, after all these years i still know ur old address in Olongapo, in Tanza, even ur birthday! Can u believe that?! 71A fendler St., ur lola’s house front or nearby Blanca Flor studio, and of course Aug. 14, 19never mind! For what it’s worth, belated happy birthday to all those years that passed! and advanced for this year. Ur friend, Rose? ( i think her last name is Digman?) how is she? U see, i still remeber a lot about you. Even the time u rented a house in Novaliches, i think that was the last time i saw u and u disappeared after that.

    I’m happy to find out that ur well even though ur abroad. U have a nice looking kid. Just one? I have 3 boys. 12, 9, 7 yo. Got married late. Still live here in Pasig. Not much has changed. Just like u, still look a lot like we were in college except for the few extra pounds but otherwise u look really good. I still have a few recollections during our college days, but i’ll just save it for some other time. Useless if i keep on writing and u may not even read this.

    If ever u do and if ever u remember’ i would appreciate it very much if u would just even say a simple “hello and how are u?” to me. Too bad, nobody is safe from hiding in the internet! What i did was just type ur name and it appeared! A suggestion made by a long lost friend who found me that way, by just typing my name!

    So, i will end my letter now and i wish u all the best and again i’m happy to see u again even only in these two photos. Bood bye and God Bless u and ur family!


  7. hey, I remember her, we hung out for like a short period of time in Olongapo, you still have the same smile Aleli, but your kind of light now, what happenned to your nice tan? wish I can chat with you…

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